Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist


  • Medical Administrative Knowledge:
    Learn to navigate the intricacies of medical administration including streamlining front desk operations, medical billing, insurance processing, and adherence to healthcare regulations.
  • Hands-on Clinical Skills:
    Master basic clinical tasks such as patient preparation, vital signs measurement, and basic lab procedures to assist healthcare professionals and enhance patient experience.
  • Professional Development & Communication Skills:
    Develop strong interpersonal skills, effective patient communication techniques, and ethical considerations unique to the healthcare field.


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Advance your career with a certification as a Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist

Elevate Your Medical Administration Career

The Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist program is meticulously designed for those seeking to deepen their knowledge and skills in healthcare administration. With a particular focus on front office functions, the course propels you into a rewarding career, enabling you to contribute significantly to patient care and the smooth operation of medical facilities.

Updated and Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is precisely constituted, keeping in mind the advancing medical field. We update our content to equip you with the latest techniques and industry practices in healthcare management, making you a desirable asset in the ever-evolving healthcare administration landscape.


Hands-On Learning Experience

Our program is deeply rooted in practical exposure that complements theoretical learning. You will have opportunities to simulate front desk routines, patient scheduling, and healthcare coding procedures in our well-equipped, real-world training environments. Our expert instructors will provide guidance as you navigate through these practical sessions.

Do I need any prior experience in healthcare to enroll in the Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist program?

Do I need any prior experience in healthcare to enroll in the Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist program?

No, our course is designed to accommodate both beginners and those with some experience in the healthcare industry. We start with the fundamentals and gradually move to more advanced topics.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a certification as a Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist, confirming your abilities and readiness for the healthcare industry.

Does the course involve practical training sessions or internships?

We're designers, so the answer is obviously "it depends" 😇 . The timeline for each course is up to that instructor but most courses run around 4 times per year.

Admissions Overview - Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist Program

The 'Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist' program is a comprehensive course designed to equip aspiring healthcare administrators with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in medical front office roles. The curriculum includes practical training in areas like patient scheduling, medical record management, insurance processing, and professional communication. On successful completion of the program, candidates will be well-prepared for successful careers in a wide range of healthcare settings.

Admission to the program involves a thorough evaluation of the applicant's academic credentials and field-appropriate skills. Candidates are instructed to provide complete academic records, letters of recommendation, and any relevant professional experiences. Those interested should ensure they review the specific admission requirements and deadlines to ensure a smooth application process.

Upcoming Deadlines

Upcoming Deadline for Spring 2023

Remember to submit your applications by February 15, 2023, for consideration in the Spring session. Applications received post the deadline may be moved for consideration in the next session, depending on the availability of seats.

Upcoming Deadline for Fall 2023

Remember to submit your applications by February 15, 2023, for consideration in the Spring session. Applications received post the deadline may be moved for consideration in the next session, depending on the availability of seats.

Why should you apply by the priority deadline?

When do I need to complete my application by?

Applying by the priority deadline increases your chances of securing a spot in the program, as we process applications on a rolling basis and program spots can fill up quickly. By meeting the priority deadline, you also ensure that you have ample time to prepare for the program, plan your schedule, and resolve any potential issues that may arise with discretion.

Our Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist program is offered twice per year. With two intakes, in the Spring and Fall semesters, you have the flexibility to plan your studies around your personal and professional commitments. However, it's crucial to remember that each intake has limited seats, emphasizing the significance of applying by the priority deadline.

Yes, applications are typically accepted after the priority deadline, but it's strongly encouraged to apply earlier. Late applications will be considered on a space-available basis.

If you are unable to meet the priority deadline due to certain circumstances, get in touch with the admissions office. They can provide advice and guidance regarding the steps you should take.

Become a Certified Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist

In this program, students are trained to become efficient Medical Front Office Assistants and Administration Specialists. The curriculum provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to manage front office administrative tasks in healthcare establishments, offering a comprehensive insight into patient scheduling, medical billing, and electronic health records management.

Choose your career path

Tailor your training to align with your career goals by deciding whether to focus exclusively on front office administration or to incorporate aspects of healthcare management and patient-facing roles.

Earn your certificate in 6 to 8 months

Complete a series of modular courses to earn your Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist certificate. The course can be completed in a span of approximately 6 to 8 months, depending on the pace at which you choose to proceed.

Modular Course Structure

Course content is structured into concise modules to allow gradual learning. Each module can be accessed for video playback or can be read in interactive transcript format, allowing you to learn at your own pace before proceeding to interact with professors and classmates for a detailed understanding of the material.

Program Flexibility

Access lectures, quizzes, and other resources on demand, and schedule individual or group consultations with instructors during their office hours. Course materials can be accessed through your mobile device, and lectures and readings can be downloaded for offline use.

Hybrid Format of Course Delivery

Benefit from a hybrid learning experience, which includes both in-person and online instruction. You can participate in interactive, online classroom sessions with students globally and also have access to local, in-person counseling and tutoring for a comprehensive learning experience.

Is there a provision for collaborative learning?

The Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist Program are strategically designed to ensure an immersive learning experience fully aligns with the dynamics of the health care industry. Located near major medical facilities, the program offers students the practical exposure needed to understand the daily operations of a medical front office. The curriculum exhibits the dexterity necessary to align with diversified career paths in the health care sector, ranging from hospital front desks to specialists' clinics. The program is facilitated by experienced health care professionals who are accessible during office hours.

Academic Structure, Flexibility, and Robust Framework

How comprehensive is the course structure?

Our course structure is meticulously curated to cover all relevant aspects of front office operations in a health care setup. The outline includes modules on patient handling, medical documentation, patient records management, and health care software applications. Course frequency varies as per the instructor's discretion, with most of our courses running quarterly.

Absolutely! The program emphasizes on collaborative learning. We use platforms like Zoom and Slack for group discussions and projects. Enrolled students are encouraged to work together, exchange ideas, and learn from each other's experiences.

Yes, you can. Although our program benefits greatly from its proximity to health care facilities, we understand the restrictions faced by some students. We provide an online mode of learning where you can comfortably participate from anywhere in the world.

After the application process, if you're selected, you'll receive an official enrollment offer. You have to accept the offer and complete the payment process to confirm your enrollment. Regularly re-checking your application status, in this case, is advised.

Tuition & Financing

The Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist program is an affordably priced course aimed at imparting comprehensive medical administrative education. The program is hosted in state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring an immersive and practical learning experience.

Credit/Clock Hours

The program comprises a total of 36 credit hours, with tuition priced at $480 per credit hour. This brings the total cost of the program to an affordable $17,280, making it an excellent investment in your professional future.

Work class Faculty

Learn from some of the most dedicated and experienced faculty in medical administration. Our teachers bring a wealth of professional information to the classroom, ensuring all our students receive a practical and relevant education.

Live and Online Lectures

The program offers a blend of live and online lectures, allowing students to balance their studies with personal commitments. Our dedicated staff offer office hours both in-person and online to ensure all students receive the help and guidance they need.

Collaborative Hands-on projects

The program includes several collaborative projects that give students the chance to apply their learned skills. Working in groups allows students to enhance their teamwork and communication skills - integral aspects of a functioning administrative office in any healthcare setup.

Pay-as-you-go tuition

Financial aid

<p>We understand that the financial aspect of an education can often be a substantial hurdle. However, there are multiple financial aid opportunities available for students. We encourage all prospective and enrolled students to visit our Financial Resources Hub to explore these options and find the one that best suits their needs.</p>

Employer tuition reimbursement

<p>Many employers understand the value of continued education, and as such, may be willing to help shoulder some costs. This often takes the form of tuition reimbursement schemes. We advise you to speak to your employer about this possibility, outlining your career ambitions and how these will ultimately benefit them.</p>

Payment plans

<p>In addition to financial aid and employer tuition reimbursements, we also offer multiple payment plans tailored to suit different financial capacities. Our team at the Financial Resources Hub will assist you in exploring and setting up the most suitable payment plan for you.</p>

Student loans

<p>For further financial assistance, you might consider a student loan. This option can help cover the cost of tuition and other related expenses during your studies. Be sure to research and understand the terms of any loan before making a commitment. Employer tuition reimbursement might also be a resource worth investigating; discussing your educational goals with your employer may reveal additional funding opportunities.</p>


Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist Career Opportunities: This program gears you for a rewarding career in the rapidly expanding healthcare sector. Workplaces range from hospitals to clinics and nursing homes, as well as insurance companies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, overall employment of medical secretaries (which includes Front Office Assistants and Administration Specialists) is projected to grow 10% from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations. Furthermore, medical secretaries are projected to experience a higher growth rate due to the increasing use of healthcare services.

With technological advancements, job role transformations are likely, opening up even more opportunities. Potential career paths include Healthcare Administrator, Medical Records Coordinator, and Clinic Operations Specialist. Seeing as these roles play a vital part in patient care coordination, prospects are promising.

See below further benefits linked to this program.

Ready yourself for in-demand jobs

Our program prepares you to be in demand by honing your medical office management skills and healthcare administration knowledge, helping optimize operations in any healthcare setting.

Boost your earnings

Upon completing the program, your chances of escalating on the career ladder and enhancing your earning potential significantly increase due to the robustness of the sector and essential nature of the role.

Strengthen your network

Collaboration is a significant element of healthcare. Our program encourages group initiatives, case studies, and online forums, fostering interactions with classmates, medical practitioners, and experts to support your professional growth.

Access career services

Through our career assistance service, you gain access to exclusive job postings, industry insights, and career counselling. The program also provides practical trainings and placements to equip you with real-world experience.

Advance your career in Medical Front Office Assistance and Administration

Expand your knowledge in medical terminologies, diagnostic codes, and patient management systems.

Learn effective interpersonal and communication skills to handle a diverse set of patients.

Get comfortable with healthcare software platforms, enabling smoother operations at the front office.

Gain valuable insights into healthcare administration, like handling insurance documents, billing, and maintaining patient records.

Career advancement and growth

$34,800 average salary

Average salary of a Medical Front Office Assistant in the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

23% growth by 2028

The medical administrative sector continues to show robust growth, with demands for qualified professionals on the rise.

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Medical Office Manager

Medical Secretary

Medical Billing Specialist

Health Care Administrator

Health Services Manager

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical Records Technician

Hospital Administrator

Health Information Manager

Join our vibrant Alumni Network

Our program is part of a dynamic alumni network across the country with thousands of graduates. Once you graduate, you can join this network and reap numerous benefits. The Alumni Association has also launched a unique platform to encourage networking among alumni. Here, you can seek or offer career advice, engage in quick 'flash' mentoring sessions, post job opportunities, and expand your professional circle.

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You'll feel the MCS program's commitment to the student experience and positive engagement during your time as a student. You will have many opportunities to connect with students, staff, and faculty around the world — 100% online. There is a team of dedicated academic advisors in the computer science department to assist students. Every semester, the advising team hosts webinars to address student questions. Course staff host live office hours to answer student questions and help with coursework. Students also work together on group projects using Zoom and Slack. In addition, the Illinois Computer Science Speaker Series brings prominent leaders and experts to campus to share their ideas and promote conversations about important challenges and topics in the discipline.

Detailed Anatomy Lessons

The course curriculum entails comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and physiology, enabling students to facilitate effective patient-doctor communication.

Hands-On Administrative Skills

Students are exposed to real-world scenarios where they learn to manage appointments, work on billing and insurance matters, and maintain patient records efficiently.

Software Proficiency

The course provides hands-on exposure to a range of medical software applications used in front office administration. It allows students to seamlessly manage electronic health records and other administrative tasks.

Communication and Customer Service

Soft skills training is an integral part of the course, covering effective communication, patient relations and overall customer service, ensuring students excel not only technically but also interpersonally.