Pharmacy Technician Specialist


  • In-depth Pharmacology Knowledge
    Master the understanding of drug classification and their effects, potential side effects and interactions, providing a solid foundation in Pharmacology.
  • Pharmacy Operational Skills
    Acquire practical pharmacy operational skills like inventory management, compounding, and medication dispensing to lead successful day-to-day operations in a pharmacy.
  • Effective Communication & Ethics
    Develop strong interpersonal abilities and learn about professional ethics for maintaining productive interactions with customers, pharmacists, and healthcare providers.


Scholarships Available

Elevate your career with a certification as a Pharmacy Technician Specialist

Pathway to Career Advancement

The Pharmacy Technician Specialist course is the perfect opportunity for those dedicated to the dynamic field of pharmacy. With a curriculum that integrates technical knowledge and practical experience, our course prepares you for an enriching career in the pharmaceutical industry.

Current and Professionally Relevant Curriculum

Our course content is methodically updated to accommodate the latest information and techniques in the pharmaceutical field to ensure our students are equipped with the most relevant skills and knowledge.


Hands-On Learning Experience

Gain first-hand professional experience in our advanced lab facilities. Work with actual case scenarios under the mentorship of experienced pharmaceutical professionals, mastering your skills in an authentic environment.

Do I need any prior experience in the pharmaceutical field to enroll?

Do I need any prior experience in the pharmaceutical field to enroll?

No, our Pharmacy Technician Specialist Program is shaped for both novices and those with some exposure in the health industry. We offer comprehensive lectures and hands-on training to ensure that all students will understand and be capable to perform their responsibilities as pharmacy technicians.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a recognized certification as a Pharmacy Technician Specialist. This certificate will illustrate your professional competence and signify your readiness to work in the pharmaceutical industry.

Absolutely, our Pharmacy Technician Specialist program incorporates considerable hands-on training to ensure relevant industry experience and proficiency.

Indeed, we provide a host of financial aid options and scholarships for qualified students.


The Pharmacy Technician Specialist Program aims to groom students into becoming highly capable pharmacy technicians prepared for the healthcare industry's challenges. The program comprises the fundamental teachings of pharmacy drugs, laws, regulations, patient interaction, pharmacy billing, and many other vital aspects related to the pharmacy field. In addition, we emphasise preparing our students for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE)

The admission process into the Pharmacy Technician Specialist Program is designed to ensure that only committed and passionate students get the opportunity to join our course. Admission is based on academic qualifications, personal interview, and commitment to the demanding nature of the healthcare industry. We encourage prospective students to review the admission requirements and apply as early as possible to secure their spot.

Upcoming Deadlines

Spring 2023 Final Deadline (March Class Start)

Submit your application by December 15, 2022. We strongly encourage early applications as this allows ample time for admission decisions.

Fall 2023 Final Deadline (September Class Start)

Submit your application by December 15, 2022. We strongly encourage early applications as this allows ample time for admission decisions.

Why should you apply by the priority deadline for Pharmacy Technician Specialist Program?

What are the benefits of applying by the priority deadline?

Applying by the priority deadline increases your chances of securing a place in our competitive Pharmacy Technician Specialist program. It provides an edge over other applicants as priority is given to early applicants. This also gives you ample time for completing your arrangements for starting the course, including any relocation or financial aid requirements.

We offer the Pharmacy Technician Specialist program three times a year. Each session is timed in a way to provide ample flexibility and convenience to our students while ensuring they also get the rigorous academic experience required for their professional growth.

Yes, applications are still accepted after the priority deadline. However, keep in mind these applications are processed in order of reception and spaces might have been filled by early applicants, potentially putting late applicants at a disadvantage.

If you miss the final deadline, you will not be able to apply for that particular intake and will have to wait until the next application cycle. This can delay your studies and career progression, so make sure to submit your admissions application by the priority deadline.

Earn a Certificate as a Pharmacy Technician Specialist

In this certification program, you can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a Pharmacy Technician Specialist. This certification prepares students for a critical role in the healthcare sector, providing the necessary practical and theoretical knowledge to serve in a pharmacy setting.

Choose Your Path

Opt for a career path that is in-demand and constantly evolving. Pharmacy technicians can work in various settings such as inpatient hospitals, outpatient pharmacies, and retail pharmacies. This program will help you acquire the right skills for whichever path you choose.

Earn Your Certificate

Complete the entire certification program in only nine to twelve months. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, including pharmacy calculations, pharmacology, and pharmacy law, all crucial for becoming a proficient Pharmacy Technician Specialist.

Modular Course Structure

Course lectures are delivered in a modular approach, thereby allowing easy understanding and processing of the complex course material. This approach gives students the flexibility to progress at their own pace and effectively manage their learning time.

Program Flexibility

This program offers a blend of traditional and modern ways of learning by providing access to online classrooms and On-demand lectures. Course materials, quizzes, and grades are accessible online, allowing students to access and review classwork at their own convenience.

Hybrid Format of Course Delivery

The pharmacy technician program is delivered in a hybrid format involving both online and on-site learning experiences. This format ensures students gain the necessary hands-on experience in a controlled environment while also benefitting from the convenience of distance learning.

Can I work while studying in this program?

The Pharmacy Technician Specialist program leverages cutting-edge facilities and a flexible curriculum to amplify students' career pursuits. Our well-equipped labs immerse students in real-world pharmacy scenarios, while our curriculum seamlessly blends theoretical knowledge and practical skills. We prioritise student engagement through dynamic group projects facilitated via digital collaboration platforms, and live under the guidance of experienced faculty who teach on-campus.

Academics, Flexibility, and Structure

How flexible is the program schedule?

Our Pharmacy Technician Specialist program offers significant flexibility to accommodate diverse student needs. Though it operates on a semester-based system, students have some freedom to pace their learning. On average, our courses run about 4 times a year.

Our flexible schedule allows many students to work part-time while studying. We strive to offer resources providing a balance between academic and professional commitments.

While a science background can be beneficial, it's not mandated. Our curriculum builds from foundational principles, offering rigorous training to equip students with integral competencies, irrelevant of their previous academic experiences.

You should be comfortable with basic computing and internet skills. Many classes use digital collaboration tools for group projects and faculty interaction. We offer technical support and training to help students build required skills

Tuition & Financing

With a total fee of $19,068, our Pharmacy Technician Specialist program provides affordability without compromising quality. Held within an unrivaled platform where state-of-the-art facilities meet praxis-oriented learning.

29 Credit Hours

The program is structured on 29 credit hours. Every credit hour is charged at $658 leading to a total cost of $19,068 for the full program.

World-Class Faculty

Our program is mentored by a cadre of accomplished pharmacy professionals actively working in the sector. Accumulate invaluable knowledge learned from their practical experiences, besides gaining from their stellar academic credentials.

Live and Online Lectures

Benefit from a healthy blend of engaging live and online lectures scheduled flexibly to accommodate learners from different time zones. Interaction with faculty during online office hours ensures personal learning support.

Collaborative Hands-on Projects

The Pharmacy Technician Specialist program firmly emphasizes application-based learning. Regular collaborative projects induce hands-on experience allowing you to immediately implement the acquired knowledge and skills into your daily work.

Pay-as-you-go tuition

Financial Aid

Financial limitations shouldn't deter you from pursuing your dream profession. Visit our Degrees Financial Resources Hub to find out what kinds of financial aid are available to you, and how you can make the most out of them.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

Are you aware that your company might assist you with your education expenses? Explore Employer Tuition Reimbursement schemes with them and help them understand your academic aspirations.

Payment Plans

Pay in a way that is most convenient for you. Access our Degrees Financial Resources Hub to understand about flexible payment plans we provide, and choose the one that best fits your financial circumstances.

Student Loans

Don't let financial constraints stop you from advancing your education. With multiple loan options available, reach out to our Degrees Financial Resources Hub to understand how these can aid in achieving your educational goals.


Pharmacy Technician Specialist Career Opportunities: The projected growth in the healthcare sector is commanding an increased need for Pharmacy Technician Specialists. As per data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for Pharmacy Technicians are expected to grow 4% from 2019 to 2029, faster than the average for all occupations. The average salary for Pharmacy Technician Specialists is $33,950 per year, substantially higher than the average salary of general Pharmacy Technicians. Certified Pharmacy Technician Specialists often have more career opportunities and higher earning potential.

Advanced Career Opportunities: Pharmacy Technician Specialists can progress into roles such as Lead Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Technician Supervisor, or even branch into pharmaceutical sales. Individuals who further their education can also transition into roles such as a Pharmacist or Pharmacy Manager. These advanced roles also herald lucrative salarial rewards, with Pharmacist roles averaging $128,090 per year.

Let’s delve into different ways this program can shape your career path as a Pharmacy Technician Specialist.

Prepare for in-demand jobs

This program enlightens you on specialized areas like sterile and non-sterile compounding, pharmacy law, and pharmaceutics enabling you to meet the growing demand for specialized roles in the pharmacy industry.

Increase your salary

Levitate your earning potential by completing the Pharmacy Technician Specialist program. With increasingly specialized roles, professionals bearing this credential tend to command higher remuneration compared to general pharmacy technicians.

Expand your network

Engage and interact with experts in the field during your course, offering significant networking opportunities for future job prospecting and professional development. Joining relevant professional associations could also boost your career progression.

Access career services

Our dedicated career services provide resources like resume and cover letter writing assistance, interview preparation, internship placement, job searching strategies, and career planning. You can access these services online, as well as schedule one-on-one career counseling appointments.

Advance your career as a Pharmacy Technician Specialist

Gain comprehensive knowledge of pharmaceutical terminologies, ethics, and prescriptions.

Enhance your expertise in patient care and medication principles.

Understand the intricacies of different drug classifications and their impact on the human body.

Learn about inventory management, pharmacy operations and health insurance procedures within a pharmacy setting.

Advance your career

$32,700 average salary

Average salary of a Pharmacy Technician Specialist in the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

4% growth by 2031

Job growth in this field is steady with a projected increase for upcoming years.

Qualify for in-demand jobs

Pharmacy Technician Specialist

Hospital Pharmacy Technician

Clinical Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Informatics Specialist

Retail Pharmacy Technician

Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist

Pharmacy Manager

Medication History Specialist

Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Chemotherapy Technician

Forge relationships through our Alumni Network

Joining our program also provides you with access to an extensive network of alumni. This lively and engaged community is an excellent resource for peer-to-peer mentoring, job opportunities, and professional growth advice. As part of the alumni network, you'll be connected with individuals who are leaders in the field of Pharmacy Technician Specialists. Our alumni are committed to helping new graduates find their path in the career world, offering invaluable advice, job opportunities, and networking connections.

Immerse Yourself in the Pharmacy Technician Specialist Program

The Pharmacy Technician Specialist program bridges the gap between learning and engagement to give students a wholesome experience. As a student of this program, it aims to foster substantial interactions with your peers, the faculty, and industry professionals globally, all in the online environment. It has a competent team of academic advisors who are committed to assisting students in their learning journey. They host periodic webinars throughout the semester to clear doubts and streamline the learning process. Facilitators conduct live sessions to answer student queries and provide hands-on learning experience pertaining to the nuances of the Pharmacy field. These lively interactions also stimulate critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students also undertake collaborative projects that offer a chance to implement their learning in real-world contexts, using platforms like Zoom and Slack. The program also periodically hosts top-notch industry experts to share their insights and trigger meaningful discussions on contemporary issues and breakthroughs in the Pharmaceutical discipline.

Interactive Lab Sessions

Gain hands-on practical experience using modern pharmacy software systems and technologies during live lab sessions.

Medication Classification Deep-Dive

Master the classifications of various medications, their uses, side effects, and interactions, enhancing patient safety and care.

Ethical and Legal Aspects

Broaden your understanding of the critical legal and ethical considerations relevant to the pharmacy field to ensure compliance and patient trust.

Pharmaceutical Calculations

Strengthen your mathematical knowledge and skills for accurate dosage calculations, reducing medication errors, and ensuring patient safety.