Our Story

Introducing… Graduate America


In the year 1992, aboard the USS Peleliu, a group of sailors faced the vast expanse of the ocean and an equally expansive uncertainty about their future. They stood united, serving their country with pride, defending the freedoms that shaped the nation. Yet, as their tour of duty edged towards its end, a pressing question loomed: What comes next?


These sailors, skilled in the art of navigation and strategy, were at a crossroads. They grappled with the reality that the transition to civilian life might render their hard-earned skills obsolete. The prospect of starting from scratch was daunting, not to mention the potential two-to-four-year gap in their resumes due to their time in service. It was a gap that could set them back significantly in a rapidly advancing world.


Amidst the rolling waves, a resolve was forged. They believed that military personnel shouldn't have to choose between serving their country and securing their future. From this conviction, a visionary business model emerged. It was a model that recognized the value of their military experience and sought to translate it into meaningful civilian opportunities.


Graduate America was born from this ethos. It was more than a business; it was a mission to fight for the underserved, to bridge the gap between military service and civilian success. As the years progressed, the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence didn't just keep pace; it soared, enabling educational technology solutions to be deployed at what seemed like the speed of thought.


At Graduate America, we embraced these innovations, harnessing them to empower not just veterans but all Americans seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. Our mission was absolute, to "graduate" America, to elevate the nation's workforce to new heights of expertise and readiness.


Today, Graduate America stands as a beacon of hope and progress. We are the embodiment of a promise made decades ago on the deck of the USS Peleliu—a promise to serve those who have served, to educate, and to empower. Our journey is a testament to the belief that with the right opportunities, every individual can translate their past experiences into a brighter future.


As we pitch to you today, we carry the legacy of those sailors with us. We invite you to join us in this noble endeavor, to be a part of our continuing story, and to help us turn the tide for countless individuals ready to embark on their next chapter. Together, let's graduate America.


Key Acquisitions

  • International Beauty College
  • International Barber College
  • Myotherapy Institute
  • Vocational Nursing Institute