IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician

CompTIA A+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Network+

  • Comprehensive Technological Skills
    Master a range of IT skills, from addressing Helpdesk queries to implementing security measures that cater to individual client needs.
  • Advanced Networking Techniques
    Stay updated with the latest advancements in networking, including system configuration and maintenance, cloud technology, and network security methods.
  • Business Acumen for IT Success
    Identify the essentials of business operations in IT, including managing and improving client relationships, marketing strategies, and troubleshooting policies.


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Advance your career with IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician program

Taking Your IT Career to New Heights

Our IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician program is an ideal course for individuals seeking to enhance their IT skills and aim for career advancement. This comprehensive program offers in-depth lessons about IT support, network operation, and system security maintenance. With the knowledge and certification from this program, you can escalate your professional value and achieve better positions in the dynamic IT sector.

Become a Multi-Skilled IT Professional

Our curriculum covers a broad range of important areas in the IT field, enabling you to become adept in resolving IT issues, managing network systems, and ensuring system security. This multi-disciplinary approach allows you to explore new avenues in your IT career, opening up opportunities in various sectors such as corporate IT teams, tech support firms, and cybersecurity organizations.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Our program emphasizes practical, hands-on learning in order to proficiently prepare you for real-world scenarios. Work with actual IT systems, networks and security technologies under seasoned IT professionals' guidance. This real-life training will equip you with all necessary skills and experience to thrive in any IT environment.

Do I need any prior experience in IT to enroll?

Do I need any prior experience in IT to enroll?

No, our program is carefully crafted for both beginners and those with some experience in the IT sector. We provide fundamental to advanced IT knowledge that equips you to work efficiently across varied IT roles.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will receive a widely recognized certificate in IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician, demonstrating your newly-acquired skills and your readiness to embark on a new career path in IT.

Yes, our program is designed to incorporate practical sessions and simulations to expose students to real-world scenarios and develop applied skills.

Yes, we provide a variety of financial aid options and scholarship opportunities for eligible students.


The IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Program equips students with solid knowledge and practical skills in the dynamic field of Information Technology. The program covers a wide spectrum of topics, including troubleshooting systems, network security handling, and IT support and services. Through our courses, students will gain valuable real-world experience and will be prepared for a successful career in the rapidly advancing tech industry.

Our instructors are industry professionals who employ an immersive, hands-on learning approach to ensure students graduate with a broad understanding of the IT sector. Whether you're interested in improving your current career path, or you're looking to break into a new industry, our program is flexible and designed to accommodate working professionals as well as full-time students.

Upcoming Deadlines

Spring 2023 Final Deadline (March Class Start)

Submit your application by January 15, 2023

Fall 2023 Final Deadline (September Class Start)

Submit your application by January 15, 2023

Why should you apply by the priority deadline?

Does applying earlier improve my chance of acceptance?

Absolutely! Applying by the priority deadline not only ensures your application is processed quicker, but also that you're considered before we reach the limit of student intake for our IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician program. This ultimately improves your chances of being accepted.

We do still accept applications post the priority deadline, however, acceptance would be based on available slots remaining after processing all priority applicants. Early applications are always esteemed and hence, are strongly encouraged.

Course preferences can generally be changed up until the course start date, subject to availability and approval by the coordinator. However, to guarantee a spot in your preferred module, it's best to finalize and apply by the priority deadline.

The tuition fee for the IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician program remains the same irrespective of when you apply. However, those who apply by the priority deadline have the chance to apply for Financial Aid and scholarships that may not be available later.

Obtain IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Certificate

This program aims to equip students with the critical technical skills necessary for a career in IT Helpdesk, Security and Network Technology. Courses cover a range of topics including network security, troubleshooting, systems management, hardware and software support, among others. This certification is a valuable credential that validates your skills in the crucial field of IT support.

Choose your path

Tailor your learning to suit your career aspirations. You can opt to focus more on IT Helpdesk Support, delve deeper into Network Security, or enhance your skills in Network Technology. Choose the path that complements your interests and career goals the most.

Earn your certificate in few months

Complete a series of core and elective courses within a few months to earn your IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Certificate. The duration is flexible to accommodate the needs and capabilities of each learner.

Modular Course Structure

The program has a unique architecture that splits each course into easily digestible modules. This structure allows students to grasp concepts and techniques effectively, furthering their understanding incrementally and systematically.

Program flexibility

Enjoy the freedom of studying at your own pace. You can access course materials and assessments round the clock, thus you can choose to learn whenever and wherever you want. You also have the option to engage with your instructors as per your schedule.

Hybrid format of course delivery

Our approach to learning blends online lectures with face-to-face teaching methods. This interactive approach ensures a dynamic and engaging classroom that accommodates various learning styles while connecting students from diverse backgrounds and geographic regions.

What is the frequency of the live sessions?

The IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician program is designed to cater to the needs of working professionals. Our esteemed faculty that teaches our on-campus students also instruct the online sessions. Every student in the program is offered the benefits of live office hours where they can interact with the instructors directly. Additionally, group projects and interactions are managed through Zoom and Slack platforms to facilitate a smooth learning experience. This flexible program also enables students to customise their course selections to align with their distinct career goals.

Academics, Flexibility and Structure

What is the structure of the course?

The course structure is flexible, to cater to the different needs of our students. While every course has its designated time frame – typically spread across the year, the instructor of each course has the discretion to determine the course timeline.

The frequency of live sessions largely depends on the instructor of a particular course. However, our program is designed to ensure that there are ample live sessions hosted during the course duration to facilitate direct communication between students and the instructor.

Flexibility is a key aspect of our program. We understand that many of our students are working professionals and we allow them to adjust their course schedule according to their work commitments.

We ensure that all our students receive full academic support throughout the duration of the program. This includes access to live office hours, group projects and learning resources. Additionally, you may also seek assistance from your course instructor or peers via Slack or Zoom.

Tuition & Financing

With a program cost of $25,500, the IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician program stands as a competitively-priced option in the field of IT education. Our program offers unique facilities, including innovative labs and state-of-the-art IT resources that can help enhance your job readiness and professional growth.

Credit/Clock Hours

The program comprises of 30 credit hours total. Tuition is calculated at $850 per credit hour, leading to a total cost of $25,500 for the complete program. </p>

World Class Faculty

Earn your certification from industry-leading professionals who bring a wealth of real-world experience and expertise into the classroom.

Live and online lectures

Our blended learning approach includes both live and online lectures. Our program allows students to interact with faculty and peers, regardless of their geographical location, increasing convenience and flexibility.

Collaborative Hands-on Projects

Our curriculum emphasizes practical application through hands-on projects, fostering collaborative skills and enabling students to apply their learned concepts to real-world scenarios.

Pay-as-you-go tuition

Financial aid

<p>If you're in need of financial assistance, our Financial Resource Hub offers information on various scholarships, grants and other aid available for students. After all, financial hurdles should not be a barrier in the quest for knowledge.</p>

Employer tuition reimbursement

<p>Consider discussing your educational pursuits with your employer. They may offer tuition reimbursement as part of your employment benefits. Plus, sharing your aspirations to enhance your skill set could open up further career advancement opportunities.</p>

Payment plans

<p>Worried about managing tuition fees? Our customized payment plans can help you spread out your tuition costs over an extended period of time. Visit the Financial Resource Hub to learn more and find a plan suitable for your circumstances.</p>

Student loans

<p>Student loans can provide another reliable source of funding, particularly for larger amounts. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions, and understand how this could fit into your broader financial planning.</p>


IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Career Opportunities: With cyber threats becoming increasingly sophisticated and the digital world expanding rapidly, there is a growing demand for professionals specializing in IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician roles. Experts in these areas form the backbone of modern industries, providing crucial assistance in troubleshooting technical issues, implementing robust security measures, and managing efficient network systems. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the IT sector will experience a growth of about 13 percent from 2020 to 2030, faster than the average for all occupations.

Opportunities in both Public and Private Sectors: Organizations in both, the private and public sector recognize the importance of adequate IT support and robust security measures. This has resulted in a plethora of opportunities for IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technicians across various industries. By 2024, the number of job postings for these roles is expected to exceed the number of qualified candidates, presenting a unique, rewarding opportunity for individuals with the required skillset.

Let’s take a look at how you can enhance your career with a role in IT support, Security, and Network Technician.

Prepare for in-demand jobs

By becoming an IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician, you will be preparing yourself for some of the most demanding jobs in the market. Use your skills to help companies overcome technical difficulties and improve their cybersecurity infrastructure.

Potential for high salary

As demand for these skills increases, so does the potential for a higher salary. Whether you're assisting with day-to-day tech issues as a Helpdesk Technician or implementing complex security measures as a Security Specialist, this field offers competitive remuneration.

Expand your network

Working in this field further allows you to expand your professional network. Gain insights from industry experts, collaborate with fellow IT professionals, and learn from their experiences. The knowledge and connections you gain can open doors to new opportunities.

Access career services

Our career services are designed to assist you in translating your skills and knowledge into a rewarding career. From industry-specific guidance to job search assistance, these services are an invaluable resource for aspiring IT professionals.

Advance your career in IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician

Gain crucial skills in managing and maintaining computer systems and networks, including troubleshooting and problem resolution.

Master the principles and practices of cybersecurity, preparing you to handle security breaches and protect sensitive data.

Learn the intricate design and operation of computer networks, developing the ability to establish and maintain secure communication channels.

Gain experience in providing quality customer service, managing IT requests and acting as the primary contact point within an organization for IT-related queries.

Propel your career forward

$82,050 average salary

Average salary of an IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician in the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

8% growth by 2031

This career field is seeing steady growth, on par with the average across all sectors.

$112,690 average salary

Average salary of a Network Security Analyst in the United States (Indeed)

31% job growth by 2031

The cybersecurity field is projected to grow significantly, signaling an increase in potential job opportunities.

Meet the demand for specialised IT roles

IT Support Specialist

Network Administrator

System Analyst

Cyber Security Analyst

IT Consultant

Computer Network Architect

IT Project Manager

Computer Systems Manager

Data Center Technician

Cloud Solutions Engineer

Expand your professional network

Our program alumni span across the globe, thriving in diverse IT roles. As part of our alumni network, you gain lifelong connections and access to valuable resources. Post-graduation, you are invited to join this network, where you can offer or seek advice, engage in 'flash' mentoring, share job openings, and broaden your professional circle. The community constantly evolves, encouraging continuous learning and offering vast avenues to enrich your career.

Indulge in your IT Journey at our Technologically Enhanced Platform

As a student in the IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Program, expect to delve into an enriching, interactive, and positive learning experience. Our program is designed to promote quality student engagement at every stage, be it online lectures, hands-on projects, or lively interactions with like-minded individuals from across the globe -– all happening 100% online. We prioritize a wholesome and supportive academic environment, which is why we have a dedicated team of academic advisors specifically for this department. Our advisors organize periodic webinars addressing popular student queries, ensuring constant guidance throughout your journey. The hallway of our program doesn't end at lectures. We have scheduled live office hours to assist you with any specific course-related queries or challenges. Moreover, we encourage collaborative learning; hence, we organize group projects where you can team up with your classmates, brainstorm ideas over Zoom, and stay connected through Slack. We don't stop there -– our IT Helpdesk, Security & Network Technician Program also brings expert speakers and industry leaders to the virtual table, allowing you a chance to engage in key discussions about contemporary IT challenges and converse on trending topics in the field.

Hands-On Lab Experiences

Gain practical exposure through various real-time lab experiences, which involves working on projects that mimic real-world IT problems.

Captivating eLearning Content

Embrace learning at your pace with our self-paced videos and tutorials demonstrating the use of sophisticated IT tools and techniques.

Expert-Led Workshops

Interact with IT professionals during live workshops, where you have the opportunity to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.

Career Coaching and Resume Building

Benefit from our career coaching sessions and resume building workshops aimed at preparing you for your job search in the IT industry.