Medical Assistant


  • In-depth Patient Care Training
    Learn how to provide empathetic patient care, from taking vital signs to assisting in minor surgical procedures, according to individual patient requirements.
  • Cutting-edge Clinical Techniques
    Stay updated with the latest developments in the healthcare industry, including understanding of advanced medical procedures and health management practices.
  • Administration and Communication Skills
    Gain key administrative and communication skills essential for running a smooth healthcare practice, including patient record management and effective interpersonal communication.


Scholarships Available

Elevate your career potential with a certification as a Medical Assistant

Healthcare Pathway

Our Medical Assistant program has been tailor-made for those keen on taking their health care career to the next level. Acquire comprehensive knowledge about various medical procedures, from taking patient history to executing minor medical operations, preparing you for a thriving career in the health care industry.

Diverse and In-depth Curriculum

The curriculum of our program is dynamic and in-depth. It regularly revises and includes the most recent developments and approaches in healthcare, providing a rich and diverse learning experience.


Hands-On Learning Experience

Get a glimpse of the real-world scenarios in our state-of-the-art training centers. Perform practical tasks under the watchful eyes of experienced healthcare professionals, refining your skills in an actual medical environment.

Do I need to have any background in the medical field to enroll?

Do I need to have any background in the medical field to enroll?

No, our Medical Assistant Program is structured to cater to both beginners with no prior knowledge within the field and candidates who already have some experience in medical practices.

Once you successfully complete your course, you will receive a widely recognized certification in medical assistance, which will demonstrate your expertise and preparedness for the industry.

We're designers, so the answer is obviously "it depends" 😇 . The timeline for each course is up to that instructor but most courses run around 4 times per year.

We're designers, so the answer is obviously "it depends" 😇 . The timeline for each course is up to that instructor but most courses run around 4 times per year.


The Medical Assistant program is designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's healthcare industry. This comprehensive training program combines classroom instruction with hands-on practical experience, preparing students for a rewarding career as a Medical Assistant. During the program, students will learn the core principles of patient care, medical terminology, administrative duties, and clinical procedures.

Application to the Medical Assistant program is competitive, with a limited number of seats available each session. Thus, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early to secure a spot. All applicants need to possess a high school diploma or GED. Having volunteer experience in the healthcare industry is also considered a plus during the selection process.

Upcoming Deadlines

Spring 2023 Final Deadline (April Class Start)

Submit your application by January 30, 2023

Fall 2023 Final Deadline (September Class Start)

Submit your application by January 30, 2023

Why should you apply by the priority deadline?

What happens if I miss the priority deadline for the Medical Assistant program?

Submitting your application by the priority deadline ensures that you'll be considered for all available spots in our upcoming class. While we may continue to accept applications after this date, spots are often filled fairly quickly. If you miss the priority deadline, we can't guarantee that there will be any available seats left in the program.

The priority deadline is set to allow sufficient time for the administrative processing of applications. It also provides prospective students with enough time to make necessary arrangements for the commencement of their studies, such as securing housing, applying for financial aid, and tying up any other loose ends before the program begins.

The nature of Medical Assistant program is highly competitive and space-limited. Applying by the priority deadline ensures that your application will be reviewed first. Considering the large volume of applications, those submitted after the deadline might not receive full attention or consideration.

While we strongly encourage timely submissions, we understand that unexpected circumstances may arise. In such case, we recommend reaching out to the admissions office to discuss your situation and explore potential options. Please note, however, that extensions are not guaranteed and are at the discretion of the admissions office.

Acquire a certificate in the Medical Assistant Program

This program provides training for students interested in becoming a medical assistant, delivering both theoretical and clinical exposure. Upon successful completion, students earn a Medical Assistant Certificate signifying their competency in carrying out tasks in medical offices and clinics based on accredited standards.

Choose your path

This program covers various areas of medical assisting, including clinical, administrative, and lab procedures. You have the opportunity to decide what area you would prefer to focus your studies on, according to your career aspirations.

Earn your certificate months duration

Our comprehensive medical assistant program can be completed within 9 to 12 months. This timescale allows you to quickly join the healthcare workforce, applying your skills and knowledge to a real-world setting.

Modular Course Structure

Our program uses a modular structure, each addressing a specific domain of medical assisting. The order in which these modules are presented allows for efficient learning, progressing from foundational to advanced topics.

program flexibility

We understand that many of our students balance multiple commitments, therefore our program is designed for flexibility. We offer options where you can determine the pace at which you progress through the course, allowing you to align your studies with your schedule.

Hybrid format of course delivery

Our program adopts a hybrid approach, combining online lectures with on-campus practical sessions. This blend ensures you gain the necessary hands-on experience while also benefiting from the convenience of online learning.

Can I balance work and studies?

Our Medical Assistant program is designed with flexibility in mind, catering to each student’s unique career goals. We ensure that our course material is applicable to diverse medical fields. We also offer the convenience of nearest facilities, allowing students to study from locations in close proximity to their home or work. Furthermore, our qualified faculty is always available for personalized guidance.

Academics, Flexibility and Structure

How is the course structured?

Our Medical Assistant program is divided into modules, each covering specific clinical or administrative skills. This format allows students to gain knowledge at their own pace while ensuring comprehensive understanding.

Given the flexible nature of our program, many of our students successfully balance their professional commitments while pursuing the course. We offer options of self-paced learning and flexible class schedules.

Certainly. We incorporate a balanced mix of theoretical learning and practical training. Our program includes lab exercises, medical simulations and clinical rotations in nearest healthcare facilities.

Yes. While providing a comprehensive overview of general medical practices, our curriculum also allows students to choose elective subjects based on their career interests.

Tuition & Financing

At $14,500, the Medical Assistant program is not only competitively priced but also provides a unique state-of-the-art facility for an enhanced learning experience.

60 Credit/Clock Hours

Our program requires 60 credit/clock hours for completion. Tuition is calculated at $241.67 per credit hour, making the total cost of the program $14,500.

Work class Faculty

Learn from our highly experienced faculty who hold vast expertise in the medical field. They are dedicated to imparting practical knowledge and skills tailored to real medical settings.

Live and Online Lectures

Our program offers both live and online lectures. This flexible approach allows you to engage in meaningful interactions with faculty and peers without compromising on your time and convenience.

Collaborative Hands-on projects

Our curriculum emphasizes practical learning. You'll participate in hands-on projects that simulate real job scenarios helping you to gain valuable, practical experience and skills required in the field.

Pay-as-you-go tuition

Financial aid

<p>Cost should never deter eager learners from pursuing their dreams. If you're unsure about financing your education in the Medical Assistant program, we encourage you to visit our Financial Resources Hub. Here you'll find information on various grants and scholarships that could support your educational journey.</p>

Employer tuition reimbursement

<p>Wouldn't it be wonderful if your employer could help you pursue higher education? Feel free to explore the possibility of employer tuition reimbursement. Our Financial Resources Hub provides useful tips on how to communicate effectively with your employer about your educational aspirations, as well as insight into potential reimbursement policies.</p>

Payment plans

<p>We understand that lump-sum payments can be overwhelming, so we offer the option of payment plans. To understand the specifics of these policies and how to opt in, consider visiting our Financial Resources Hub. This resource details the available plans, helping you find one that best suits your circumstances.</p>

Student loans

<p>A student loan might be another viable option to fund your educational aspirations. If you're contemplating this route, we suggest visiting our Financial Resources Hub where you can obtain detailed information about how to apply for a student loan, as well as the pros, cons and responsibilities that come with it.</p>


Medical Assistant Career Opportunities: The healthcare industry constantly evolves and requires trained professionals to meet its demands. As a Medical Assistant, you'll find diverse career opportunities in various healthcare settings including hospitals, outpatient clinics, and private practices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for medical assistants is expected to grow by 23% from 2018 to 2028, much faster than average for all occupations. Plus, the average salary for medical assistants goes beyond $34,800 annually. The wealth of career opportunities stems from the wide spectrum of skills acquired through the Medical Assistant program.

Certified Medical Assistant Career Opportunities: Securing a Certified Medical Assistant status opens doors to a wider range of job prospects and a competitive edge in the job market. The American Association of Medical Assistants reports a significant increase in demand for Certified Medical Assistants, with estimated growth to nearly 730,000 positions by 2026. Certified Medical Assistants often earn higher salaries with the national median reaching the $36,000 range annually.

Prepare for in-demand jobs

Equip yourself with relevant skills for administrative and clinical roles. This program provides a well-rounded education preparing you for roles that are high in demand not just in physician's offices but also in hospitals and outpatient care centers.

Boost your earning potential

Leverage the comprehensive skill set you acquire through this program to increase your chances of securing higher-paying positions. Certification can also enhance your salary potential.

Expand your professional network

The Medical Assistant program provides opportunities to interact with various professionals in the healthcare industry. You'll work alongside doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, which can help build your professional connections.

Access career services

Take advantage of the career services offered as part of the program. Guidance and support are provided for job search, resume preparation, interviewing skills, and more. These resources help you navigate the job market and secure positions that suit your preferences.

Advance your career in Medical Assisting

Gain in-depth knowledge on patient care, medical laws, ethics and regulatory standards. Learn efficiently how to assist physicians in examinations and patient education.

Develop high-level communication skills, that are indispensable in the healthcare sector. Understand and learn how to handle patient records, scheduling appointments efficiently.

Grow your understanding of basic medical terminologies and procedures. Gain hands-on experience on how to perform administrative and clinical duties in a healthcare environment.

Make medical billing and coding a part of your proficiency. Acknowledge the effective use of electronic health records, suitable for escalating in healthcare IT jobs.

Advance your Medical Assisting career

$34,800 average salary

Average salary of a Medical Assistant in the United States (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

23% growth by 2030

The Medical Assisting field is witnessing strong growth with projections significantly higher than the average.

$38,040 average salary

Average salary of a Medical Office Specialist in the United States (Indeed)

19% job growth by 2029

The field is experiencing strong growth, with an impressive year-over-year growth rate.

Secure your future in in-demand healthcare jobs

Medical Assistant

Clinical Medical Assistant

Medical Office Specialist

Pharmacy Assistant

Nursing Assistant

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Want to expand your network? Join our alumni community.

Our Medical Assisting program is part of an extensive alumni network spread across the nation. Wherever you are, you're sure to find colleagues from our program. After graduation, students are welcome to join our distinguished Alumni Association. We also offer the Alumni Link Network, a virtual gathering space for alumni to interact, learn from each other, and foster a vibrant community. Alumni can provide career advice, post job and internship opportunities, offer quick mentoring sessions to current students and fellow alumni, and expand their professional network.

Embark on your journey as a Medical Assistant with our interactive platform

Our Medical Assistant program is designed with a focus on student experience and positive engagement throughout your academic journey. The program is highly interactive, fostering connections between students, staff, and faculty across the globe completely online. A team of committed academic advisors is also available within the medical department to provide necessary assistance. These advisors host informational webinars every semester to address any potential queries and concerns of students. Not limited to theoretical knowledge, this course also focuses on practical skills in real-world scenarios. Instructors hold live office hours to answer student queries and assist with coursework, promoting an inclusive learning environment. Furthermore, the program encourages collaborative learning, allowing students to work on group projects using digital platforms like Zoom and Slack. Our Medical Talks Series also brings prominent medical professionals and leaders on-board to share their expertise and stimulate discussions about significant challenges and topics in the field.

Interactive Anatomy Lessons

Experience detailed and in-depth visual sessions of the human anatomy system. These include 3D models and illustrations that help in fostering a strong foundation for understanding complex body systems.

On-site Clinical Training

Get hands-on training and exposure at healthcare facilities. Emphasis is placed on learning the full scope of MA roles in various real-world settings, such as conducting laboratory tests and assisting with minor surgeries.

Comprehensive Medical Terminology

Grasp the language of medicine with an extensive study of medical terms and abbreviations, including their origins, and application, often reinforced with detailed case studies.

Mock Patient Interactions

Sharpen your patient interaction skills with practical sessions. These involve role-plays in various scenarios like taking medical histories, explaining procedures, and displaying empathy and professionalism.